We are proud to announce the preliminary speakers at Nordic Roaster Forum 2013.

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We are honoured to present the speakers for Nordic Barista Cup 2013. The preliminary program will be online April 15th – so stay tuned! Buy 2013 tickets here.    CYNTHIA SANDBERG, USA Cynthia Sandberg started her career as an attorney, but farming attracted her after she bought a large piece of land.  She began farming  […]

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We have been working on this for the past 6 months. The list has been kept in a very secret place. The Nordicleaks on Sprudge told only half the story…. We are very proud to announce the team of speakers for this year’s Nordic Barista Cup.

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2011 Michael Bom Frøst

Lecturer Profile: Michael Bom Frøst

MICHAEL BOM FRØST “MYTH BUSTING IN SENSORY SCIENCE” Michael Bom Frøst is a sensory scientist at University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science. Michael’s main research interest is perception and cognition of food and beverages under real-life conditions

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Lecturer Profile: Jannie Vestergaard

JANNIE VESTERGAARD “MYTH BUSTING IN SENSORY SCIENCE” Jannie Vestergaard has more than 10 years of experience in research, teaching and consultancy in the fields of sensory science and product development. Her professional interests include development of quality foods focusing on the eating quality. A passion for and great knowledge about artisinal and small scale production […]

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We have a wide range of lecturers ready for the 2011 Nordic Barista Cup. They will fly in to Copenhagen from all over the world. Here you’ll find an overview of who is who.   JAMES HOFFMANN REINVENTING ESPRESSO James Hoffmann has been in coffee since 2004, starting at Gaggia UK before becoming National Training […]

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Robert Thoresen

Robert William is a dedicated coffee craftsman and a helplessly romantic coffee entrepreneur.

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Paolo Dalla Corte

Born March 18, 1959 in Milan-you would be tempted to say that he was born inside an espresso machine-at least very close to a lot of them.

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Jaime Raul Duque

Jaime Raul Duque

Jaime Duque is the director of the Agrado Project in Quindío State in Colombia. Jaime is an Agricultural Engineer and in 1991 he started to work for Quindío Coffee Growers Committee as part of Colombian Coffee Federation.

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George Howell

George Howell was founder-CEO of The Coffee Con nection in Boston, that was sold to Starbucks in 1994. In 1996 he received the SCAA Lifetime achievement award.

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