We have a wide range of lecturers ready for the 2011 Nordic Barista Cup. They will fly in to Copenhagen from all over the world.

Here you’ll find an overview of who is who.


James Hoffmann has been in coffee since 2004, starting at Gaggia UK before becoming National Training Manager for La Spaziale UK.
In 2007 he left to start his own company with Anette Moldvaer – Square Mile Coffee Roasters – who have been operating since 2008.
He was the UK Barista Champion in 2006 & 2007, and the World Barista Champion in 2007.

He was also the UK Brewers Cup champion in 2011, the UK Cup Tasting Champion in 2008.  He currently divides his time between Square Mile Coffee Roasters and a handful of consultancy projects within the world of coffee and equipment.

At Nordic Barista Cup 2011 James will talk about reinventing espresso.


Kyle Glanville is the VP of Strategy for Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Kyle has been in the coffee business for over ten years, and like many of his colleagues started off by preparing vanilla lattes for the masses. His life took him from California to Seattle, where he fell in love with the simple craft of coffee preparation at Victola Coffee. After a year-long tenure as Director of Training there, Kyle moved on to Intelligentsia in 2006 to start their retail coffeebar program in Los Angeles.

Kyle won the United States Barista Championship in 2008, has served as a Cup of Excellence juror and has trained and lectured baristas Worldwide. He also works as a green coffee buyer in Bolivia and Brazil and leads Intelligentsia’s “Black Cat (espresso) Project”. He is also cofounder of Coffee Common.

At Nordic Barista Cup 2011 he will give a lecture about Evolving as you grow.


Pontus was born in Finland and moved to Norway in 1999 to start his restaurant career. In 2000 he started as a Sommelier at Restaurant Bagatelle (former **) and worked there for 5 years, the 3 last as “chef de cave” during those years he vas also active in Sommelier competitions.

In 2006 he joined the sales team at Moestue Grape Selections, a leading Wine import company based in Oslo. For 5 years he travelled Norway and Europe. In early 2010 he started project MAAEMO together with Esben Holmboe Bang and Jon-Frede Engdahl. Restaurant MAAEMO opened late Desember 2010.

At Nordic Barista Cup 2011 Pontus will focus on the Nordic Approach at Restaurant Maaemo.


Will Corby joined the team at specialty coffee importer Mercanta in January 2011, where he coordinates shipping Mercanta’s green coffee from origins across the producing world.  He is also a member of Mercanta’s cupping team and has completed advanced level cupping training at the London School of Coffee. Will is an experienced barista and has been a UK regional barista champion for the past 2 years – winning the London and South East heat in 2011. Before joining Mercanta he worked as a consultant with start-up coffee shops in Wales, and still heads back to Cardiff every weekend to oversee his coffee stall in the Welsh capital.

Will will introduce Sumatran coffees and lead the following cupping of a selection of Sumatran coffees.


Morten Ibsen is brewmaster at the house brewery of Carlsberg named Jacobsen after the founder of Carlsberg, J.C. Jacobsen. He has a background as M.Sc. and Diploma Brewmaster from the Scandinavian School of Brewing. For more than 15 years he has worked within brewing.

His main areas are product development and quality. He has developed Semper Ardens Christmas Ale, which became Beer of the Year 2004 in Denmark. Morten has developed most of the Jacobsen beers and many of the Semper Ardens. A few years ago he developed the beer type trees.

For Nordic Barista Cup 2011 he will talk about the beer types on top of insight into beer making and – tasting.

Tim Wendelboe


Tim Wendelboe runs his own roastery, espressobar and coffee school in Oslo that specialises in importing and roasting some of the best coffees grown around the world.

Apart from winning the last three Nordic Roaster competitions together with his roasting team, he was the 2004 World Barista Champion and the 2005 World Cup Tasting Champion. Tim is an experienced lecturer and has been working as a coffee consultant for seven years. He recently wrote and published a book about coffee.

Last year at Noprdic Barista Cup he gave an lecture about “Roasting Profiles and maintaining quality”.  This year he will talk about Nordic Coffee Culture.


Anders Selmer is busy with his popular restaurant Kødbyens Fiskebar. On the side he is also a winemaker on the Danish Island of Lilleø, delivering the wine to among others Noma, the world’s best restaurant in Copenhagen, where he worked as manager and sommelier from 2003-2007.

Before that he had a long curriculum as restaurateur at cafés, coffee shops and restaurants, such as Fjordens Perle, TyvenKokkenHansKoneOgHendesElsker (the thief, the chef, his wife and her lover), Pussy Galores FLying Circus and Delicatessen.

In 2006 Anders made his first apperance at Nordic Barista Cup in Copenhagen, talking about “Nordic Cuisine” and presenting the Noma-box. This year he will talk about a Nordic Box, which is the starting point for a team competition.


Morten Münchow is the milk nerd number 1 even tough his carrier started in a different place with a master degree in history of ideas (philosophy) and biology from University of Århus in 2005.
Since then he has investigated cappuccino foam from a biochemical perspective, roasted coffee, co-invented a barista milk, worked as teacher and consultant at London School of Coffee.

From 2008 to 2010 he has developed a measuring method quality in cappuccino foam. The results from this are expected to be published in International Dairy Journal during summer 2011. At the Nordic Barista Cup 2009 Morten gave a lecture about Basic Roasting. This year Morten will introduce the biochemistry in specialty coffee and defining “milk foam quality”.


Jakob has a MSc in Pharmacy. His speciality has been plant chemistry with a special focus on method validation and analytical chemistry. Since completing his master thesis in phenolic glycosides and variation in fresh plant materiel his passion has become the chemistry of coffee.

He is particularly interested in the degeneration process of taste and aroma compounds during roasting. Currently this is only a leisure based pursuit as Jakob is the deputy head of Hørsholm Apotek – a danish pharmacy with more than 45 employees.

Jakob Tjelum will introduce the biochemistry in specialty coffee and defining “milk foam quality” together with Morten Münchow.


Jannie Vestergaard has more than 10 years of experience in research, teaching and consultancy in the fields of sensory science and product development. Her professional interests include development of quality foods focusing on the eating quality. A passion for and great knowledge about artisinal and small scale production as well as food culture in the Nordic countries also sets root in her interest of the development of the New Nordic Kitchen.

In June 2010 Jannie finished a postdoc at the University of Copenhagen focussing on milk quality in relation to feed. She also conducted experiments dealing with terroir and was the project manager of a large platform within the New Nordic Food programme.

At the moment she works as project manager of “Taste Skåne” at Skåne Food Innovation Network in Malmö. “Taste Skåne” is about putting Skåne on the gastronomic map developing visability, availability and quality of local foods through innovative concepts and increased cooperation between all stakeholders.

Jannie first got acquainted with cupping and coffee working two summers 1989-1990 in the sensory lab at Gustav Paulig Ltd. in Helsinki.  At Nordic Barista Cup 2011 Jannie Vestergaard will host the opening lecture about “Myth busting in sensory science” together with Michael Bom Frøst (below), and a lecture Saturday about her work with “Nordic producers and ingredients”.


Michael Bom Frøst is a sensory scientist at University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science. Michael’s main research interest is perception and cognition of food and beverages under real-life conditions e.g. in restaurants and other meal settings. Currently the main focus is appreciation of foods and beverages in a broader context, such as food emotions (e.g. liking, curiosity, surprise) and other superordinate stimulus properties like complexity, familiarity and novelty.

Since its start in 2007 Michael has been the Director of Studies for the MSc education in Gastronomy and Health. The education is a scientific, application-oriented study program that challenges traditional concepts of gastronomy. By using principles from chemistry, physics and sensory science in the preparation of food, he teaches students to make healthy food more tasty and satisfying.

Michael is keen on dissemination of sensory science; its relevance and application to other researchers, industries and the general public, In that respect he has contributed to popular dissemination of sensory science such as the Danish Beer Vocabulary.

At Nordic Barista Cup Michael Bom Frøst will co-host the “Myst Busting in Sensory Science” lecture together with Jannie S. Vestergaard.


Joseph Rivera is the founder and creator of coffeechemistry.com. He began his career with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) over 10 years ago after receiving with a degree in Food Chemistry. As Director of Research with CQI, he utilized knowledge of chemistry with practical coffee science to develop a number of testing methodologies currently in use today. As such his work has allowed him to play a key role in the development of numerous international training and certification programs including the Q.

Joseph served as the Director of Science and Technology for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) from 2001-2009 and served as the coffee industry’s coffee scientist/expert.

He has been a frequent contributor to numerous trade publications and has been featured on the History Channel’s Coffee documentary, Discovery Channel, National Public Radio (NPR), Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Over the years he has conducted numerous training seminars on the “Science & Chemistry of Coffee” to hundreds of people around the world and continues to work on numerous projects utilizing both science and technology for the specialty coffee industry. At NBC 2011 he will host a lecture and a cupping with the title “Chemistry of coffee”.


Stephen Vick is the National Quality Control Manager for Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Stephen began his work in coffee as a barista for Zoka Coffee in Seattle and spent much of his career as a trainer and educator for Zoka, as well as Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon. He placed third in the 2003 US Barista Championship and has since served a USBC and WBC judge, as well as a Cup of Excellence international jury member.

A couple of years ago, Stephen shifted his work to origin, applying his well-rounded knowledge of the high-end specialty roaster market to help farmers improve the quality of their coffee and, in turn, their quality of life. During his time as Quality Control Project Manager for Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, he implemented rigorous quality control systems and protocols for the 5,000 farmer members of the Kanyovu Cooperative near Kigoma, Tanzania. The cooperative’s shift in focus with regards to quality resulted in Kanyovu winning first prize at the 2010 EAFCA Taste of Harvest competition in Mombasa, Kenya.

At Nordic Barista Cup 2010 Stephen hosted a lecture on quality control systems at origin and their affect on a roaster’s ability to source high-quality coffees. This year he will talk about how to presserve your green coffee from origin to roastery.