Open Board meeting – NRF2013 VIDEO

An open board meeting with participants of the Nordic Roaster Forum discussing this year’s event and how to improve it in the future.

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Samiac Experiment – NRF2013 VIDEO

The experiment is focused around the Samiac roaster from France, a coffee from Daterra, Brazil and 3 roast masters: Double B Coffee & Tea from Russia,  Tim Wendelboe from Norway and Kaffitár from Iceland. The roaster is around 40 years old. The company, Samiac, does not excist anymore, so there is no manual for the roaster. [...]

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Addy Heðinsdóttir – NRF2013 VIDEO

Addy Heðinsdóttir: The Swan flew over the coffee shop Addý talks about her (tough) process towards getting the Nordic ecolabel, ‘The Swan’, certification.

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Ben Kaminsky – NRF2013 VIDEO

Ben shares his thoughts on quality control and beyond for espresso in roasting and in service.

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Aaron Davis – NRF2013 VIDEO

Aaron Davis: Wild coffee: value, challenges and opportunities for speciality coffee Aaron Davis focuses on how coffee is a diverse plant group that is only now becoming more fully understood, as well as

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Hrönn Hrafnsdóttir – NRF2013 VIDEO

Hrönn talks about the value of sustainable business.

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coffee tree

Varietal cupping

After Aarons talk about wild coffee species we cupped a wide range of varitals. Watch his lecture here.

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John Laird – NRF2013 VIDEO

John Laird talks about how by deeping our understanding of our roasting systems and the physical process of roasting, we can be more purposeful and proactive with defining roast profiles to meet our objectives.

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Trish Rothgelb – NRF2013 VIDEO

Trish Rothgeb’s main points are to communicate how the Q/SCAA cupping form asks the cupper to be detailed and honest about each category and to emphasize that specialty coffee uses a common

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Welcome to Nordic Roaster Forum 2013

At 8.30 this morning the Nordic Roaster Forum kicked off. 52 roasters from 14 nations are gathered at Hotel Natura in Reykjavík for 2 days of roasting, cupping and talks.

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