Indonesia, Sumatra is the coffee in focus at the Nordic Barista Cup 2011.  Thursday August 25th we will have a introduction and a cupping of Indonesian coffees.

And Friday we explore work on developing coffee quality in Indonesia. Also this lecture will be followed with a cupping of Indonesian processing experiments.

This is the plot where the Coffee School will be constructed.


As usual we will collect money for a NBC charity project. This year the project will be the construction and development of a school for coffee farmers in the Sidikalang district in northern Sumatra. The school will be at the Wahana Estate premises. Here is the plan for the school:

The school will have detail information about coffee, from seedling to harvesting and managing of coffee farms (pruning, weed control, fertilizers, coffee diseases, etc). Agronomists will partner up with the school as well as coffee experts from Java.

Hendri from Wahana Estate sais: “We have planned to link this school with coffee institutes in India and Brazil, hence we would be able to share any information for the sake of sustainable coffee and to avoid destroying our environment by using too much agrochemicals or opening new land.”

We will post more information and pictures about the charity project when we have it.

During the Nordic Barista Cup 2011 there will be the NBC bazaar and the NBC auction, where you can buy all kinds of coffe-things for a bargain. You can see the preliminary list of goods for sale on the bazaar here.


The items for sale at the NBC bazaar are on show at the venue and you can write your name and your bid on a piece of paper connected to each item. Other people can increase the amount as they like. The NBC bazaar ends during lunch Friday, where the most popular items will be sold on live-auction.
But if you want to start bidding now, please send an email to Björg Brend, and she’ll post your bid on the website.


The team who winns Nordic Barista Cup 2011 will also win a one week field trip to Sumatra. There will also be additional sold seats on the field trip, which will be in January 2012 (preliminary date: 14th-21st of January 2012).

The field trip outline is:

Day 1  Arrive Medan
Day 2  Medan to Lake Toba, farm visit
Day 3  Lake Toba and Lingtong to Wahana Estate
Day 4  Day at the Wahana farm: picking and processing.
Day 5  Wahana Estate to Medan
Day 6  Enjoy the day in Medan
Day 7  Mill visit, coffee shop visit, barista jam.
Day 8  Good bye Sumatra

The cost is 1000 € for the field trip, included lodging, food and local transport. N.B. International flights are not included.
If you want to join us, please
email Björg.

Lake Toba, Sumatra