2010 Audio / Video

Below you find selected audio and video material from Nordic Barista Cup 2010 in Oslo.


George Howell: Specialty Coffee

Thursday 16/9 George Howell set the scene at Nordic Barista Cup with his lecture on specialty coffee.
Download the lecture here.

Robert Thoresen: Varieties/ Areas In Colombia

Friday 17/9 Robert Thoresen gave a lecture about Colombia as origin.
Listen to the lecture here.

Tim Wendelboe: Roasting

Friday 17/9 Tim Wendelboe gave a lecture about his roasting philosophy.
Listen to the lecture here.

Stephen Vick: Sourcing The Best Coffee

Friday 17/9 Stephen Vick talked about his efforts in sourcing the best coffee in Eastern Africa.
Listen to the lecture here.

Paolo Dalla Corte: The Variables Of Espresso

Saturday 18/9 Paolo Dalla Corte gave a talk about the variables of espresso.
Listen to the lecture here.

The Craft Video, premiered at NBC Gala Dinner

You, too, can become a World Barista Champion… This video was premiered during the Nordic Barista Cup 2010 Gala Dinner.

The craft from Inkognito on Vimeo.

A Conversation With Steve Penk

Interview With Olga From Russia

Interview With Paul Songer

Tone Speaks!

Zachary shot some videos last night of various people talking about why the NBC is important to them, during the welcome party last night. In this one, we ask Tone Liavaag why the NBC is so close to her heart.