Nordic Roaster 2009 Membership

From Nordic Roaster competition in Gothenburg 2007Membership of Nordic Roaster is personal. That means that every individual has to sign up. Your company can support the organisation as a “Friend of Nordic Roaster. You need to be a member of Nordic Roaster to compete. Please sign up for membership here.

Nordic Roaster 2009 membership includes:

  • Access to the Nordic Roaster network
  • Access to Nordic Roaster forum = sharing with other Nordic Roaster
  • Access to other Nordic Roaster seminars during the year
  • Access to compete in Nordic Roaster competition

Please sign up for 2009 membership here.

Solberg & Hansen from Norway is “Nordic Roaster 2007”.

Coffeees marked with red are winners of the two categories: drip and espresso.

Here are the results from the Nordic Roaster 2007 competition.