About NBC

The vision within the Nordic Barista Cup is: “To create an environment in which knowledge about coffee and its sphere can be obtained”

The organization behind the Nordic Barista Cup see it as its main purpose to be a part of creating this forum in which people can meet, bond and achieve further knowledge.

Our motto is: “Be together, act together, learn together”

That is why the Nordic Barista Cup not only has its focus on competition as such but also consists of a seminar part. In order to make and serve the consumer a meaningful product – one need to have a holistic view of the subparts that give the product its proper level of quality. The seminar part is meant as an educational track in this direction and can if open minded build many bridges between producers, baristas and the consumer.

Knowledge sharing is by the Nordic Barista Cup considered to be the cornerstone of achieving a higher level of quality. Without proper knowledge the product quality would rely on coincidence.

By obtaining knowledge of each subpart that turn green beans into a good cup of coffee gives the possibility to control the different processes and hereby achieve a consistency which make to consumer come back – day after day – no matter which barista operates the espresso machine.

Obtaining knowledge also has something to do with being open for new ways of thinking. It is also entering a dynamic and iterative process in which perfection is the main goal, to be creative and look in other related spheres/businesses than normal. Use the resources available as sources of inspiration

Overall the Nordic Barista Cup brings professionals with different backgrounds together, establishes new contacts and gives an opportunity to have ‘hands on’ experiences.