Future Coffee Shop Presentations

Visions from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark Down to business: The five Nordic Barista Cup teams assembled at 10:45 a.m. to present their visions for their dream cafés to potential investors.

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Inspiration Nation

Eight o’clock in the morning came early today for the attendees of the 2007 Nordic Barista Cup; they arrived sleepily, stifling yawns.

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Finland Has Best Business Plan

When all of the business plans were submitted and reviewed by the investors, Team Finland walked away with the most cash and investor support for their café.

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So.. Where Would You Invest?

Over at Barista Magazine’s blog, pasteboard, we have a comments section open where we would like your feedback of the teams’ business plans.

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Meet The Judges

The NBC has a new set of judges this year, as it does every year.

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Barista $ Concept

Ok, so when you have a competition where the only rule is there are no rules, it’s true it can be a little difficult to tell who wins.

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Focus Country At Nbc 2007: Nicaragua

The Nordic Barista Cup is honored to have the esteemed Roberto Bendaña in attendance for this year’s event.

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About Last Night…

There’s a reason folks have bleary eyes this morning… those Swedes sure can show a girl (or a few hundred girls and boys) a good time!

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It Is Never Too Early…. For Finland 2008

So, you’ve been reading all about the fun everyone is having at the Nordic Barista Cup in Sweden, and you’re thinking,

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Who’s Your Sommelier?

                          As some readers have noted, a few teams here at the NBC received a cash payment for their cafés if they had a “correct” sommelier,

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