NBC 2011 talks – Morten Münchow: Defining Milk Foam Quality

In this talk Morten explains his research project of defining milk foam quality.

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NBC 2011 talks – Tim Wendelboe: Nordic Coffee Culture

Tim Wendelboe’s lecture on Nordic Coffee Culture talks of the coffee history of the Nordic countries. He talks about differences and similarities

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NBC 2011 talks – Jannie Vestergaard: Nordic producers and ingredients

Jannie talks about her experiences in promoting Nordic food which takes us through the Nordic Kitchen Manifesto, Nordic Culinary Success factors and how products from Skåne have gotten increased attention.       Nordic Barista Cup Talks – Jannie Vestergaard from Nordic Barista Cup on Vimeo.

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NBC 2011 talks – Anders Selmer: Nordic Taste

            In this lecture Anders takes you through the (poor) food traditions of the Nordic countries. Things started getting better in the 80’ies when French chefs came

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NBC 2011 talks – M. Münchow / J. Tjelum: Biochemistry in Specialty Coffee

              After the lecture on myth busting in sensory science Morten Münchow and Jakob Tjelum gave the attendees a crash course in Biochemistry in Coffee.

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NBC2011 Talks – Pontus Dahlstrøm: The Nordic Approach

In this compelling and inspirational talk, Pontus Dahlstrøm of Olso’s Maaemo restaurant takes us back of house to understand the conceptualisation and execution of a beautiful idea.

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Gala dinner turns into a very special Olympics

The ever fun and exciting gala dinner took place Saturday night. It soon turned out that the swarming cat walk of wrestlers, bikers, Björn Borg’s and boxers were in a sporty mood  and pumped up the jam for 2 solid hours before getting on a bus to another party.   Team Sweden with Oscar and […]

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2011 winners

Nordic Barista Cup 2011 – The Winners…

              Photo: Tim Varney           This year our judges have been paying particular attention to the following qualities in the teams: The ability to create well tasting beverages The ability to present themselves, their product and their ideas to others The professionalism with which they […]

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Nordic Roaster 2011 – The Winners…

In addition to the Nordic Barista Cup, we have also been running the Nordic Roaster Competition – a parallel competition aiming to find the best coffee roaster of 2011. The competition is broken down into two categories; espresso & filter. Each of the 170 attendees at the Nordic Barista Cup participates in the judging, tasting […]

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NBC2011 Talks: Kyle Glanville – Evolving As You Grow

Bringing some North American perspective to the Nordic Barista Cup, Vice President of Strategy at Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Kyle Glanville, delivers a focused and emphatic lecture on what he sees as the ‘broken’ nature of coffee retail.

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