2009 Evaluation

The 2009 evaluation helps us in our planning towards Oslo 2010 and to find out what is hot in the coffee world and what is not!

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Lost In Iceland With A Thermos

The committee for the Nordic Barista Cup 2009 has been meeting and planning the competition for a while now.

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World Barista Champ Invited To Iceland

Nordic Barista Cup has invited the new world barista champion Gwilym Davies to the event in Iceland.

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U.S. Barista Champion To Nordic Barista Cup

The new US barista champion Michael Phillips from Intellegentsia Coffee Roasters, has won himself a ticket to the Nordic Barista Cup in Reykjavík.

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Icelandic Links

Þingvellir: The Icelandic parliament (Alþingið) was established at Þingvellir in 930. Today Þingvellir is a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Welcome To Iceland

We look forward to see you in Iceland! From left: Hrönn, Gúðrún, Jóannes, Guðbjörg, Jens, Ragga, Jónina, Sonja, Addy, Björg

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Nordic Fashionistas

NORDIC BARISTA CUP 2009 SWEATHER During Nordic Barista Cup 2009 we are working together with Farmers Market, an Icelandic design company founded in 2005.

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Nordic Barista Cup Hotel / Hostel

We have made deals with one hostel and one hotel for the Nordic Barista Cup. Please mention “Nordic Barista Cup” when you book your room/bed. This way you will get a discount on the price.

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Preliminary Seminar Program

Below is the preliminary program for Nordic Barista Cup 2009. As you can see the seminar program starts wednesday 16/9. Since this is a preliminary program – it will be changed for sure!

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Nordic Barista Cup Collects Money For Manos Abiertas

                  Costa Rica is the focus country at Nordic Barista Cup 2009.This means that you will learn about Costa Rican coffees during the event through lectures and cuppings.

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