Nordic Roaster 2011 – The Winners…

In addition to the Nordic Barista Cup, we have also been running the Nordic Roaster Competition – a parallel competition aiming to find the best coffee roaster of 2011. The competition is broken down into two categories; espresso & filter.

Each of the 170 attendees at the Nordic Barista Cup participates in the judging, tasting an espresso and a filter brew of each roaster’s coffee. Voting on a ballot slip, attendees are asked to provide tasting notes on the back of the slip.

The roaster with the greatest number of votes over filter and espresso categories is crowned the winner of the Nordic Roaster competition.

This year, that roaster is Solberg & Hansen!

OVERALL WINNER       Total votes

Solberg&Hansen                        57

Tim Wendelboe                          56

Kaffa                                               42

Johan&Nyström                        38

Double Shot                                 34

Koffeine                                        29

Kontra Coffee                             23

Coffe Libre                                    22

Coffe Lab                                       12

Löfbergs Lila                                 3


Winning the espresso category: Double Shot

1 Double shot Czech Republic 32 3
sweet, creamy, apple, blueberry/black currant notes, provocative
2 Johan&Nyström Sweden 24 5
deep red fruit and gooseberries, blackcurrant, vibrant, clean
3 Koffein Russia 22 7
strawberries clean, jasmine, sweet berry, velvety, dry apricot
4 Kontra Coffee Denmark 19 8
creamy, chocolate, caramel, molases, juicy aftertaste
5 Coffee Libre Korea 18 1
black berry, transparent, dark fruits, juicy, clean and sweet
6 Tim Wendelboe Norway 15 9
orange peel, buttery, plums, marzipan, full body and sweet
7 Solberg&Hansen Norway 13 6
black berry, well balanced, velvety, good acidity, good body
8 Kaffa Norway 11 10
red fruits, prunes, bright, well balanced, nutty aftertaste
9 Coffee Lab Brazil 5 4
ripe cherries and red berries, balanced, fresh acidity
10 Löfbergs Lila Sweden 2 2
chocolate, liquorice, dark fruit, balanced


Winning the filter category: Solberg & Hansen

Where applied coffees are stated below with: country, farm/coop, varietal, processing

1 Solberg&Hansen Norway 44 2
Kenya, Kangocho, ( ), ( )
grapefruit, jasmine, berrylike acidity, balanced and transparent,
2 Tim Wendelboe Norway 41 10
Kenya, Nbumberi, ( ), ( )
dark berries, plums, crisp acidity, well balanced and clean
3 Kaffa Norway 31 8
Panama, Mama Cata, Geisha, natural
ripe fruit, strawberry, peach, berries, sweet aftertaste, clean
4 Johan&Nyström Sweden 14 5
Nicaragua, Un regalo de Dios, Maracaturra, natural
red berries, fruit salad, light body, floral aftertaste, clean
5 Koffein Russia 7 6
Blend: Guatemala, ( ), ( ), ( ), Sulawesi, Tane Toraya, ( ) Washed
cherries, cocoa notes, well balanced, smooth body
5 Coffee Lab Brazil 7 1
Brazil, Portal da Serra, Red Catuaí, natural
spices, berry acidity, balanced, good body
7 Kontra Coffee Denmark 4 9
Tanzania, Blackburn Estate, Nyasa, Kent, Bourbon, KP432, Washed
round, a little citrus
7 Coffee Libre Korea 4 3
Kenya, Kangunu, SL28, SL34, Washed
dark chocolate, rich aroma, sweet aftertaste
9 Double shot Czech Republic 2 7
( ), ( ), Caturra, washed
smooth, balanced mouthfeel
10 Löfbergs Lila Sweden 1 4
Guatemala, Magia Blanca, ( ), washed
(no notes)

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