Nordic Roaster Forum 2019 – Program

This year’s Nordic Roaster Forum theme comes off the heels of 2018’s forum on sustainability. As we learned, sustainability is a wide ranging and complex topic with far-reaching consequences. Each of us are contemplating what we can do to minimize our impact on the environment, while simultaneously creating more sustainable models for running our coffee businesses.

The objective for this year’s forum is to explore ‘climate change adaptation in coffee’. How are coffee professionals across the coffee supply chain addressing and tackling climate change?

In line with this year’s forum theme, the Nordic Roaster Competition coffees will be leaf rust resistant hybrid cultivars. We are very much looking forward to both cupping the competitors’ roast approaches to these cultivars, along with discussing our respective perceptions about the quality and cup profiles of hybrids.

Thursday October 3rd:

14:00  TBA
16:00  Meet & Greet

Friday October 4th:

08:00  Arrivals, Coffee & Pastries
08:30  Welcome & NRF Program Intro
08:45  Cropster Introduction
09:00  Cupping calibration for all attendees x 2 – Morten Wennersgaard (Nordic Approach)
10:30  Keynote speech: TBA
11:15  Competition Cupping
12:15  Lunch
13:15  Lecture 1: Anders Nielsen – Coffee pollination – how biodiversity might benefit coffee yields (University of Oslo)
13:45  Lecture 1: Q&A
13:50  Lecture 2: Francisco Velazquez & Gerardo Anzaldua (coma) – Interrupting the Biological Process of Aging in Green Coffee
14:20  Lecture 2: Cupping
15:05  Lecture 2: Q&A
15:10  Coffee Break
15:25  Lecture 3: Eva Eriksson (Löfbergs)- Responsibility from bean to cup
15:55  Lecture 3: Q&A
19:00  Dinner

Saturday October 5th

08:30  Arrivals, Coffee & Pastries
09:00  Lecture 3: Milda Rosenberg (University of Oslo) – What is my role in climate change adaptation in coffee?
09:30  Lecture 3 Q&A
09:45  Competition Cupping
10:45  Lecture 4: TBA
11:15  Lecture 4 Q&A
12:15  Lunch
13:15  Lecture 5: Simo Christidh (Solberg&Hansen)- Preparing for Competition
14:00  Cupping for Lecture 5
15:00  Lecture 5 Q&A
15:15  Lecture 6: Benjamin Myers (Frinj Coffee)- Developing A New Coffee Origin in California
15:45  Lecture 6 Q&A
16:30  End of Program
20:00  Party, food and Nordic & Roaster announcement at Sentralen. Top-3 winners from each category present their approaaches.

Sunday October 6th:

11:00  Open Board Meeting

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