Lecturer Profile: Michael Bom Frøst



Michael Bom Frøst is a sensory scientist at University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science. Michael’s main research interest is perception and cognition of food and beverages under real-life conditions e.g. in restaurants and other meal settings. Currently the main focus is appreciation of foods and beverages in a broader context, such as food emotions (e.g. liking, curiosity, surprise) and other superordinate stimulus properties like complexity, familiarity and novelty.

Since its start in 2007 Michael has been the Director of Studies for the MSc education in Gastronomy and Health. The education is a scientific, application-oriented study program that challenges traditional concepts of gastronomy. By using principles from chemistry, physics and sensory science in the preparation of food, he teaches students to make healthy food more tasty and satisfying.

Michael is keen on dissemination of sensory science; its relevance and application to other researchers, industries and the general public, In that respect he has contributed to popular dissemination of sensory science such as the Danish Beer Vocabulary.

At Nordic Barista Cup Michael Bom Frøst will co-host the “Myst Busting in Sensory Science” lecture together with Jannie S. Vestergaard.

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