Robert Thoresen

Robert William is a dedicated coffee craftsman and a helplessly romantic coffee entrepreneur.

JAVA espresso bar, MOCCA coffee shop & micro roasters, KAFFA roasting company, KAFFAbutikk bean outlet & public tasting room, are pioneering coffee establishments of their kind in Norway, thus they have been contributors in making Scandinavia a place on the specialty coffee map since early on.

Robert is holding titles as the winner of various national as well as international barista competitions, including the first WBC, a professional coffee cupper and frequent member on international juries such as COE, yet continuously seeking to understand the intriguing ways from bean to brew.

He travels extensively to other coffee destinations around the globe, sourcing green coffee and searching knowledge directly from the people at the coffees home turfs.

At Nordic Barista Cup Robert shared his experience with buying nice coffees from great farmers in Colombia, and presented coffee varieties and processing traditions. The talk was followed by a cupping.