Paolo Dalla Corte

Born March 18, 1959 in Milan-you would be tempted to say that he was born inside an espresso machine-at least very close to a lot of them.

From the age of eleven he was already helping repairing Faemas, Gaggias and Cimbalis in his father’s workshop at Milanese technical assistance company, DCB, that he had formed in 1964, after having worked for Faema since 1950.

Paolo took his Electro-Technical Engineer degree at the Luigi Galvani Instituto Tecnico Industriale in 1980. From 1990 he was head of Research and Development at La Spaziale in Bologna, a company that his father was the co-founder and part owner of since 1969.

In 2001 the father and son decided to form their own production for the high end market. The reputation of the Dalla Corte family quickly gave them a good start and market share in the Milanese market. Today the Dalla Corte adventure continues, and the espresso machines are sold in over 30 countries.

Paolo was once asked in an interview, what would be the first thing he’d do do if the company had unlimited funds available- “I’ll spend it on education and training-coffee quality is so much dependent on the people that work with it- both the baristas and the technicians-we just can’t have enough of it.”

At Nordic Barista Cup 2010 Paolo talked about the variables of espresso.