Archives for March 2011

Fnc Visit And Popayan, Cauca

Monday morning we visited FNC (Federacion Nacional de Cafetero de Colombia). First there was a presentation about FNC and their work to improve coffee production and conditions in Colombia.

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NBC Field Trip To Colombia

The Swedish winning team is in Colombia at the moment – thanks to their victory at 2010 NBC in Oslo last September.

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Agrado + National Coffee Park

First of all lets make it clear that we are in paradise – also known as La Navarro, an old coffee hacienda situated approximately 15 min drive outside the town of Armenia. Surrounded bu palms, coffee trees, birds and mountains.

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Cenicafé And Buencafé

The day started very early with take off at 06.00. Destination: Pereira and Cenicafé (Centro de Investigación de Cafe).

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Charity Project: Jose Maria Obando School

The welcoming at the Jose Maria Obando School was overwhelming and warm. All 275 pupils were lines up along the road down to the school. When our bus stopped and we got out they started clapping and cheering. We all felt like rock stars…

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