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NBC Auction A Huge Success!

There are countless extraordinary items for auction here, from original artwork by Reykjavik artists, to dates with members of the smokin hot Swedish Barista Team

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The Art, Heart & Soul Of The Nordic Barista Cup

Teams are hurrying to finish their stations and artwork with the local artists, to be displayed here at the public day, as the public will begin to enter the space in just a few minutes!

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Rasmus Helgebostad, team leader

Norwegian Team 2009

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Preparing For The Public Event!

We woke up painfully early today—6 a.m.—to depart from our magical huts in the wilderness, for an exciting day back in Reykjavik: the traditional “public day”

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Blog Brought To You By Barista Magazine, The Nbc’s #1 Fan

Just got an email from my mom saying I should identify the fact that it is indeed me — Sarah Allen — and Ken Olson, editor and publisher respectively of Barista Magazine, who are writing this blog account of the 2009 Nordic Barista Cup.

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NBC Day 2 – Pool Party

So the second half of the day today was spent at a pool nearby where our huts and cabins are. And yes, there was a theme, as you can probably guess from the above image.

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Into The Icelandic Wild

This place is SO lovely, so deep in the woods, but we are hardly roughing it: the cabins we’re staying in today for our second night are absolutely beautiful, with hot tubs and a bar, of course!

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Build It, Beer It, Brew It

Now that’s a competition! The back to the basics theme really got things started this morning with a very cool competition unlike any I’ve ever seen. And in an interesting twist, the attendees joined the teams in the challenge: build a primitive roaster and grinder, and roast and grind coffee.

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Roman Kolpaktsi, team leader

Team Suomi 2009

Here is the Finnish team ready for action at the Nordic Barista Cup 2009.

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Pálmar Þór Hlöðversson

Team Iceland 2009

Here is the Icelandic team ready to win the Nordic Barista Cup on home ground.

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