Norwegian Team 2009

Rasmus Helgebostad, team leaderRasmus Helgebostad, team leader

The only member of the team who has competed in NBC before. Rasmus was part of the winning team in 2006 and runners-up in 2007.

Will probably slow down the team as he has become old and fat [Rasmus’s own words], but hopes to be able to contribute with some insight and experience. Identifies himself with legendary Liverpool midfielder Jan Mølby.

Oda Misje HaugOda Misje Haug

This year’s Norwegian champion just turned 19, which means she is the youngest champion ever. It does not however mean she is the least experienced, as she has been working with coffee since the age of 14 – a true wonderchild.

Lukasz JuraLukasz Jura

Originally from Poland, Lukasz emigrated to Norway to learn more about coffee. However we quickly found that he had plenty to learn us as well. Finished 8th in WBC in 2007, won the Norwegian LatteArt-competition in 2009 and became the second world aeropress champion shortly after.

Jannicke JohansenJannicke Johansen

At age 20, Jannicke is, just like Oda, part of the new super generation of baristas coming from Norway. Coming 3rd in this year’s Norwegian barista championship, and already managing one of Oslo’s most respected coffee bars Mocca, Jannicke has proven that she’s got what it takes to go Nordic.