The Karinga Primary School needed a face lift, when it was decided that it would be the developmental project at 2012 NBC. The class rooms were worn down and needed painting, the roof needed fixing, they needed new furniture for the office and the heavy rains made a water drainage channel needed. Read more Karinga project. In short the money would be used for painting of the school roof, renovation of the school office; head teacher, deputy and staff room, improvement of the drainage, new furniture for the head teacher, deputy teacher and staff room furniture, renovation of the pupils and teachers latrine, renovation of the classrooms and improvement of the school entrance.

During NBC 2012 in Copenhagen we collected 10.841€ for the repairs.

In November 2012, when the NBC field trip crew visited the school the repairs had been started. Now the entrance and the repairs are finished:

Here are some before and after pictures showing the improvements:

The NBC crew was put to work by a bricklayer to construct the entrance wall of the school. See pictures here.

The school buildings needed a big hand. Painting of iron sheet roofs, painting of class room walls and roofs, repair of floors, walls and roof and other.

The effects of sewere rain falls were easily detected outside in the school yard. Now the drainage and erosion has been improved with a water channel.

The teachers enviromnent has been improved with lockers for privacy and new chairs and tables.

The pupils can now feel more private in the toilets without the doors flying open as it used to happen previously. Furthermore the roof has been liftet to improve aeration.

The next efforts for the Karinga Primary School will be to repair the rest of the school and eventually to build a bigger school, as population is increasing in the area.

Thank you to all of you who supported the project. Kamau Kuria from CMS sends you all gratitude from parents, teachers and the wider community in the area.

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