Nordic Roaster open board meeting (video)

The Nordic Roaster was founded in Gothenburg in 2007. And at Nordic Roaster Forum in 2011 we took a closer look at the organisation and evaluated the worth of it.
4 years ago roasters from the 5 Nordic countries gathered and pronounced among others these purposes:

* to act unifyingly and inspiringly in the work with quality delevopment.

* to maintain and promote public interest in coffee roasting.

* to promote public interest, share knowledge about coffee, coffee roasting, coffee preparation and coffee drinking of highest quality.

* to secure that coffee used in connection with Nordic Roaster must be fully traceable and hence contain all relevant information such as origin farm or cooperative, geography, conditions of growth and botanical sort.

* to establish a joint forum for discussion, sparring, export of knowledge [ .. ] for baristas in the Nordic countries.

Those were some of the purposes in 2007 from the “Laws ands by-laws of Nordic Roaster”.
A lot of things have happened the last 4 years:

There have been Nordic Roaster events and competitions. At the same time the (coffee) world has changed and therefore it is time to have a closer look at the laws and by-laws.
Therefore there was a Nordic Roaster open board meeting in Gothenburg Sunday 30th October 2011 at 10.00 hrs.

We discussed if there is a need for Nordic Roaster? And if yes, who wants to contribute? And should Nordic Roaster only should be for the Nordic countries? and other…

Read the minutes from open board meeting here (short version)

See the video from open board meeting (1 hr 21 min)

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