Varietal cupping

After Aarons talk about wild coffee species we cupped a wide range of varitals. Watch his lecture here.

Tim Wendelboe and Aaron Davis had collected quite a few varietals:

1 Arabusta from Kenya
2 Batian from Kenya
3 SL18 / SL34 from Kenya
4 Ruiru 11 from Kenya
5 Caturra from Colombia
6 Castillo from Colombia
7 Bourbon Pointu /Laurina from Brazil
8 Congensis + Robusta (crossing) from India
9 Robusta from Rwanda
10 S274 – Robusta from India
11 Sln 5 from India

Thanks to Coffe Imports we got an overwiew of the different varieties on their Coffee Family Tree. The varietals are all circled or filled in.

The cupping notes were as wide in range as the coffees on the table: from tropical fruits to dead bugs.

After the cupping Aaron continued to talk about influence of climate change on wild coffee. Compounding influences that increast the problem are: Climate change, low genetic diversity, eco-decay.