Samiac Experiment – NRF2013 VIDEO

The experiment is focused around the Samiac roaster from France, a coffee from Daterra, Brazil and 3 roast masters: Double B Coffee & Tea from Russia,  Tim Wendelboe from Norway and Kaffitár from Iceland.

The roaster is around 40 years old. The company, Samiac, does not excist anymore, so there is no manual for the roaster. What we know is. It is a very simple machine. Only controls are…..

  • Gas: is manually adjusted with a leaver from 0-100%.
  • Air flow: is manually controlled with a hatch opening/closing on the ventilation coming out of the roaster towards the chimney.
  • Temperature can be measured, off course…
  • And we installed Cropster on the machine, so we could monitor the roast process

After the cupping the NRF attendees gathered to learn about the roasts and to talk about the coffees.

The coffees on the table were

Cup nr     Roaster                 Cupping notes

16                 Kaffitár                    Roasty, dark (Cropster pdf file)

20                Tim W                       light, floral, sweet (Cropster pdf file)

21                 Tim W                       more sweet than 20, soft, more round (Cropster pdf file)

23                 Kaffitár                    sweet, a little dry (Cropster pdf file)

24                 Kaffitár                    more acidity, well balanced,vanilla (Cropster pdf file)

27                 Double B                 herbal, woody, flat, cereal (Cropster pdf file)

28                 Double B                 sweet, flat (Cropster pdf file)

Here is the video from the evaluation: