John Laird – NRF2013 VIDEO

John Laird talks about how by deeping our understanding of our roasting systems and the physical process of roasting, we can be more purposeful and proactive with defining roast profiles to meet our objectives. Also he emphasizes how data collection and evaluation is essential to developing our intuition related to the roasting process.

John Laird: Roadmap to purposeful profiling

John Laird started his coffee career after 15 years in mechanical engineering designing air systems, plumbing and process piping systems for schools, restaurants, hospitals, bio-tech labs, food manufacturers and wineries.

In 1998 John joined Fresh Roast Systems working on the mechanical design of the FRS automated, vent less coffee roasting system. This fostered a desire to learn about the roasting process from the inside out.

Subsequent projects included founding Pacific Bay Coffee Company where as owner/roaster John refined his skills and understanding of the roasting process. Recently moving on from his role as director of wholesale operations for Verve Coffee roasters in the US where he was responsible for development and implementation the roasting systems, John continues to pursue integration of data collection and roaster control as a means to an end.

Always a proponent of technology as a tool, John’s interest in roast profiling and the relationship to the chemistry of coffee has led him to continue to explore the interaction between what goes on inside the bean and inside the roaster.

Experienced with Probat, Diedrich, and most recently Loring roasters, John presents a roadmap to understanding the fine line between the art and science relationship of the craft of coffee roasting.

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