Hrönn Hrafnsdóttir – NRF2013 VIDEO

Hrönn talks about the value of sustainable business.

Hrönn Hrafnsdóttir: The value of a sustainable business

Hrönn Hrafnsdóttir is M.Sc. in Environmental and Natural Resources since 2011 and Cand. Oecon (business administration) since 1994.

She has been working at The City of Reykjavik since 2011 with the responsibility of strategy and development within the department of environment and planning. She also is responsible for the implementation of an environmental management system within the City, Green steps of Reykjavik and has been involved in the ISO14001 certification of the department.

Part of her work at Reykjavik is educating staff of various workplaces on environmental management and environmental related issues such as climate change. Beside her work at Reykjavik City she is a part time teacher at the University of Iceland and teaches Corporate Environmental Strategy which is a part of sustainable business.