Ben Kaminsky – NRF2013 VIDEO

Ben shares his thoughts on quality control and beyond for espresso in roasting and in service.

Ben Kaminsky started in coffee while attending university in Cambridge, MA in 2006. Highly influenced by the coffee of George Howell and Mocca (later Kaffa, Oslo), at 23 he and a few friends started their own roastery. Two years later, they opened the doors to Barismo coffee.

After leaving his active roll in the company in 2009, he worked for Ritual Coffee Roasters taking the position of Director of Quality Control and Espresso. Since leaving Ritual a year ago, he has been consulting full time on equipment design, training, roasting and sourcing.

Ben also coached Matt Perger to his notable second place finish at this year’s World Barista Championships. Ben is also the 2009, 2010, and 2011 United States Cup Tasters Champion.