Experimental Roast & Cupping (video)

The muzac of Nordic Roaster Forum right now is the slurps af the experimental roast. The same coffee (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe) has been roasted by 6 different roasteries who have their own brand of roaster. All coffees were roasted on Tuesday 25th of October.

The roasteries participating are (in front: number cup in the experimental cupping):

1. Drop Coffee  –  Giesen

2. Tim Wendelboe  –  Probat

3. Solberg&Hansen  –  Loring Smart Roast

4. DaMatteo  –  Loring Smart Roast

5. Koppi  –  Diedrich

6. Kaffitár – Samiac

Here are the roasting specifications given to the roasters beforehand:

“The roast needs to be light for cupping. Since we don’t all have colorette or agtron measuring devices and they are all calibrated differently it is difficult to get all of the roasters to roast to the same level.
The guideline is that the roast process should stop at latest right when 1st crack stops. Maximum roast time after 1st crack begins should be 1:30 to 2:00 minutes.We trust that all roast masters will do their best to make the coffee taste great.”

view roast log comparisons (pdf)