Good morning, Nordic Roasters

Nordic Roaster Forum is awake.
The breakfast table is set.
Microphones ready.

Now bring on the people…

The program is a mix of lectures and cuppings. There will be talked a lot about Ethiopia and slurped a lot of Yirgs and Sidamos. In the house are people from Trabocca and Technoserve, who have worked there for many a years.

There will also some experiments as regards roasting: First of all a roaster will talk about his experiences with The Loring Smart Roast and Probat. How to compare convection roasting with cyclone/hot air roaster? What is the difference in roasting and in the cup? After the lecture we will cup coffees roasted on the different roasters.

And then there is the “Experimental roast” where Trabocca has sent a bag of Ethiopian coffee to 6 roasters, who have roasted the coffee. During the cupping we will follow the different roast logs on a power point – in order to get a better understanding of the taste and the difference.
And in the after noon Ron Kleist, who is a professional investor will talk about Mile stones in new busineses.

We are in for a treat – that’s for sure!
And it started last night:

Last night the attendees gathered in a cozy court yard behind DaMatteo for a beer and open fire mingling. The low temerature moved the party inside the DaMatteo Torrefazzione roastery, where a musician played her smooth guitar and took us down memory lane along with Beatles, Cohen and Simon&Garfunkel.