As the remaining organisers arrive, and lecturers and attendees alike board planes in far away lands, headed for what will be an inspiring and educational event here in Copenhagen, we just wanted to take a minute, to let everyone know where to head for the best online coverage of this year’s event.

Co-ordinating this coverage and providing content will be Tim Williams, who is Director of Operations with ST. ALi in London, UK. Working alongside him will be a number of charmingly helpful volunteers that we’ll introduce throughout the event. We look forward to bringing you great coverage of what we truly anticipate to be a fantastic few days.

Our blog will be updated throughout each day, with photos, lecturer bios, audio snippets of lectures, and details on each evening’s events.

We’ll be keeping everyone up to date on the crucial and interesting aspects of  lectures as they happen, live announcements of winners, and much more. We’ll be using the hash-tag #NBC2011

Our official Flickr stream will feature the work of roaming photographers throughout each day, and most certainly each evening as well. In addition, we’ve created the Nordic Barista Cup 2011 Group, for you to upload and share your own photos from the event.

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