Program For Nordic Barista Cup 2004

Wednesday 27th of October
Attendees arrive to the town of Reykjanes and settle in.

Thursday 28th of October
First day of competition – location: Kaffitár – Roasting factory at Stapabraut 7, Reykjanesbær

9:00 Registration
9:30 Opening ceremony and introduction of the national teams
Tasks are handed out to the national teams
10:00 Mexican coffee; harvesting and culture by Jose Cleofas Arreola
10:45 Indonesian coffee; Marcel Clement
11:30 Lunch at Kaffitár roasting plant
12:30 The national teams have a cupping session with Addy Hedinsdottir, Cleofas and Marcel
13:30 National teams will rotate between 4 working stations
13:30 Roasting and cupping
14:30 Triangle coffee test
15:30 Making a espresso blend
16:30 Frothing milk
14:00 Cupping for attendees with Cleofas and Marcel
19:00 Bus ride to the bridge between Europe and America (for all)
20:00 Cocktail

Friday 29th of October
Dairy day – location: Mjólkursamsalan (MS) in Reykjavík.

8:00 Bus pick up at the hotels in town of Reykjanes
9:30 Dairy specialist talks about the quality and promotion of the Icelandic milk and coffee
10:00 Molecular milk steaming in theory; by MS and Morten Munchow
10:30 The latte truck, Gunilla Steinwall
11:00 Tasting the Icelandic milk
11:30 The milk company MS invites to lunch
12:00 Social Program the rest of the day (optional)
Sight seeing in the countryside to see Þingvellir, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir
16:00 Visit to a Icelandic milk farm, see the cows, talk to them and touch them
18:00 Dinner at one of the most unique fish restaurant in Iceland at Stokkseyri
23:30 Bus arriving to Reykjanes

Saturday 30th of October
Competition – location: Kaffitár Roasting factory at Stapabraut 7, Reykjanesbær

9:00 Preperation time for the national teams in private – no audience
10:00 Visit to the Blue lagoon (attendees only)
12:00 Competion starts
The teams will get their task when they arrive in Iceland
Each team has 30 minutes competition time
The teams will be judge on the following in order: team work/spirit, taste and creativity
There will be one winner, and all other nations will come in second
16:30 Competion ends
19:15 NBC party – champagne, strawberries and chocolate
20:00 Award ceremony, elegand dinner, drinks and entertainment
23:00 Clubbing

Sunday 31st of October
9:00 City tour to Reykjavík, visit cafes or leaving Iceland

The entire Nordic Barista Cup program – all days: € 195 17.200
The general program – Thursday and Friday (including social program): € 135
Thursday program – all events: € 55 4.900
Only the social program – Friday: € 80
Friday program – all events: € 80 7.000
Only the award ceremony – Saturday: € 6 5.300
The competition on the Saturday is free of charge but please register for the competition
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