Nordic Roaster Forum 2015 speakers

We are working on some fantastic subjects and a series of brilliant speakers so book your ticket NOW.

Confirmed speakers :

Nordic ROaster Forum 2015 Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

 UK Barista Champion Maxwell Colonna Dashwood is coming to NR!

Multiple finalist in the WBC, he has been a great researcher and communicator on water quality management and issues for a long time. Maxwell is working on a book that will most likely be available while we’re having the NR!

Mostly this book looks to outline the chemistry behind water and its potential application to coffee, which is of course vast and ranging. The book is part science, part story and part manual.  Most of the scientific work he is doing is on grinding at the moment. But he is looking to expand the testing regarding water and hopes to have the NR audience be part of this.

Nordic Barista Forum 2015 Michael Sheridan

Michael Sheridan from CRS Coffeelands will share his experience with the new Castillo

hybrid and give us an insight in what choices the  Colombian coffee growers are confronted with.

We will also be tasting Caturra and Castillo from several farms in Colombia.

Nordic Barista Forum 2015 Nora Hindar

How does a person with no coffee experience start a coffee farm and within a few years succeed

in producing high quality coffees? Nora Hindar will be speaking about how she started the

project Motherland Farmers in Rwanda. We will be tasting some of the coffees produced at the farm.

Rob Hoos

Rob Hoos

Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee – Working outside of machine limitations.

Applying profile roasting to intentionally make changes to the flavor profile of a particular coffee, and using that paradigm across different machines.


Joanna Alm began her coffee carer as a barista and rapidly grew in to a coffee shop manager in Gables, Olso. Returning to Sweden Joanna began a career as a Nurse, and worked part time in Drop Coffee in Stockholm and becoming another valuable member of the team and Joanna began working full time and became a partner in the business, focusing on building up the new roasting divine of the company.

Roasting seemed second nature winning the Swedish Roasting Championships in 2014 and 2015 finishing 3rd and 2nd in the world respectively. Building a huge brand and reputation, Drop Coffee goes from strength to strength with the shop being named in the “25 Coffee Shops Around The World You Have To See Before You Die”. The reputation has spread and the coffee being used in many of the well known and best coffee shop all over the world.

Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe runs his own roastery, espresso bar and coffee school in Oslo that specializes in importing and roasting some of the best coffees grown around the world.

Apart from winning three Nordic Roaster competitions together with his roasting team, he was the 2004 World Barista Champion and the 2005 World Cup Tasting Champion. Tim is an experienced lecturer and has been working as a coffee consultant for many years. He has also written a book on coffee “Coffee with Tim Wendelboe “ in 2010.

In 2011 Tim founded the green coffee import company Nordic Approach together with Morten Wennersgaard. The company specializes in developing, importing and selling high quality green coffee to roasters around the world.

Huver Elías Posada Suárez

Colombia National Federation of Coffe Growers– FEDERACAFE.

Huver Posada Suárez’ experience has been focused in the improvement of coffee varieties with resistant to coffee rust, which is the main pathological problem that affect the production and quality in the Colombian coffee region. Additionally he is involved in studies of Genotype by Environment interaction, in these experiments the genotype expression for reaction to diseases, yield and quality aspects such as biochemical and sensorial profile were tested. This type of research has allowed Huver Posada to advance in the knowledge of coffee quality as well as in the use of direct and indirect methods to quantify chemical precursors on coffee beans. These data have allowed him to better understand the relationship between the variety, the climate and its quality attributes. This year Huver Posada Suárez assumed the Direction of National Extension Service from Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.