“Creating spaces for people to meet” By Christian Nedergaard, Ved Stranden 10

In this talk Christian focus on how Ved Stranden 10 became a space for people to meet. Its about relations and being sincerely interested in making people happy.  They do not compromise with quality on any level of their business – personalizing is key.

“Meet the guest on their terms”

Born in 1970, Christian Nedergaard has always had a keen interest in food. Some of his first childhood memories circles around play dough in a small flat in Copenhagen. Later on at age 10, he attended culinary summer camp for 14 days voluntarily.

After a one year bohemian stay in France, including long hair, vegetarian habits and a keen interest in apples, Christian joined the Danish Army with the Artillery and later on as part of international peacekeeping missions in the Balkans and Afghanistan. Leaving the Army 2004, Christian went back being a student, yet spent most of his time working at restaurants, got a wife and kids, and ended up with a Bachelor in East European Studies.

In 2009 Christian partnered up with Sebastian from “Österreich wine” and opened the wine bar Ved Stranden 10 in Copenhagen, and found his place in life.
In an interview given to Oliver Strand from Bon Appetite the point was made clear:

“Food, and later, wine, has been my safe haven, where I could relax. Over the years, I worked in and out of the restaurant business, but I’m better at wine than at cooking. Actually, I’m better at people. I have a big love for people. The wine is the focus, but the key to Ved Stranden is to create a place for people to meet.”