This morning we hit the road at 9 am. Direction Lake Toba and Parapat. A 4 hour drive on the roads with fairly challenging Sumatran traffic. “Fast and fun” some would say – others “hazardous and crazy”.

We are (again) staying at a very nice hotel, the Niagara Bopobulos hotel in Parapat, with a magnificent view. And swimming pool.

But first things first: coffee. Barely arrived at the hotel people unpacked grinders, aeropress, scales and coffee. Thanks to the kitchen staff for bringing hot water continuously and forgiving coffee grounds and stains all over the table cloth and heavy slurps. Here is Annette weighing a Kenyan from Square Mile.

Mel from Melbourne Coffee Merchants brought coffee from the Suiza farm in El Salvador.  She is in the back just waiting for Per to brew that cup.

After several sips people felt ready to move to the local market selling fruits – amongst them Durian and Mangotan.

We even got a friend at the harbor. He followed us all the way to the bus and seemed sad to see us leave. However we will be back in the city for dinner tonight – so who knows if he shows up again.