We are excited – and ready – to welcome you to Copenhagen. We have the venue ready, (updated) program ready, Google map, cupping bowls, name tags, espresso machines, filter brewers, evening menues, social events, breakfast, milk for latte art throwdown, 200 forks/knives, champagne on ice and even 500 Danish sausages ready for you to make your own Danish hot dog for the NBC got gotherher Wednesday night.

Wednesday night venue: Højbro Plads 4, 1200 København K (Opposite cafe Europa 1989)

Get an overview of the NBC locations by downloading following (free) apps:
iPhone  app: “Scan”
Android  app: “Barcode scanner”.
The rest of you can see it on this link.

There is how ever one thing that troubles our minds. The only thing that we have NO control over what so ever is the weather. So please bring clothes for sun, rain, warm, cold and fog. The forecast for the end of the week is poor and includes rain.

Thursday is be the big day. Sign up starts Thursday morning at 8.00. Here you get your admission ticket, name tag, 2011 program etc. There will be served breakfast all 3 days between 8 and 9. Thursday we start with a Latte Art competition – anyone can join.

Thursday morning venue: Faculty of Life Sciences, The Marble Hall, Thorvaldsensve j 40, 1871 Frederiksberg.

If you have any trouble during arrival, call Björg +45 2445 8939. (Day/evening time best)

See you soon.

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