Dalla Corte – Old school is out

The baristas of the NBC are all working on the Dalla Corte DC Pro machine. This is no coincidence. Since 2003 Dalla Corte has been revolutionizing the espresso machine market, and has come up with the first newly designed espresso machine since 1969 (!).

If you track down Holger, one of the co founders of Dalla Corte, he will tell you the story of how the company came to be with great passion (and in great lenght :-). I simply cannot do his story justice in this post, but ill try to explain why the Dalla Corte machine is something special. The Dalla Corte was the first machine with a multi boiler system – which basically means that it’s able to maintain a very stabile temperature in both steamer and groups. Since then multi boiler has become market standard. Holger drew me a picture (literally) of how the system works, but you are gonna have to figure that one out yourselves (i’ve attached the picture below):

Dalla Corte machines use 50 % less energy than other machines, are made up of 50 % less parts, are 98 % recyclable and has its aluminium bodywork done at the same factory as Apple. This is why, as Holger puts it: “We have 700 machines in Milan, and La Marzocco has 2.”

Technician Andrej Godina from Dalla Corte making sure that the machine is clean before competition…

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