Team Norway 2007

Here is the Norwegian team, ready to win the Nordic Barista Cup 2009:

Team Norway 2007

From left: 

Rasmus Helgebostad came 7th in this years barista championships (NM). He is starting a coffee shop in Bergen right now.

Hanne Hovden came 3rd in this years NM. She is the manager of one of Stockflet´s coffee shops in Oslo.

Kaveh Ataei is the coach of the team and works coach and HR-manager at JAVA & MOCCA in Oslo.

Frederik Kolderup is a sommelier and he is one of the managers of a wine company named NonDos.

Einar Kleppe Holthe is the 2007 Norwegian Barista Champion. He is also the president of the café Stockflet´s in Oslo.