Team Iceland 2007

Here is the Icelandic team, ready to win the Nordic Barista Cup 2007: 

Hjörtur Matthías Skúlason

Hjörtur Matthías Skúlason
Hjörtur has been working for Kaffitár since 2001. He soon proved himself to be an able baristaand the same year was promoted to manager of one of Kaffitár’s busiest coffee houses, in the Kringlan shopping mall. After a five year career in the Icelandic coffee world Hjörtur is currently manager of Kaffitár’s two newest coffee houses, in the National Museum and the National Art Gallery. As a result of his enthusiastic serving style he has become popular with the customers. Hjörtur has twice been in second place in the Icelandic National Barista Championship and this is his third appearance as a member of the Nordic Barista team. His fine eye for artistic detail should contribute positively to the team effort.

Ingibjörg Jóna Sigurðardóttir National champion of Iceland 2006 and 2007

Ingibjörg Jóna Sigurðardóttir
National champion of Iceland 2006 and 2007
She compeeted for the first time 2006 in kaffitárs competition and earnd the seat in the team of 6 to compeet for the company in the Nationals. Works as assistant manager in Kaffitárs Bankastræti and a trainer since 2005. Started in 2003 working as a barista in a café to survive and figured her way from there to the barista mekka in Iceland. It´s Imma´s second time in NBC, she was also in Cobenhagen 2006.

Jónína Tryggvadótti

Jónína Tryggvadóttir
Icelandic champion 2005. She came in 5th in the WBC 2005. Known for her glamourus signature drinks and decorations, and since Seattle, people are still asking about her erupting drink. J ónína has been an active member of the national team since 2003 and will grow old in the coffee-business, inspiring her collegues with her humble and artistic view of the world.

Árni Ragnarsson, sommelier.

Árni Ragnarsson, sommelier.
Árni is and educated Waiter and used to work at Hótel Holt, wich is one of the finest resturants in Reykjavík. He also worked at Hornið, wich is an italian resturant and the oldest resturant in Reykjvaík. He finished his waiter education and worked on Hótel Holt and Hornið for a couple of years. Today he is working at Te og Kaffi and  is Roasting and cupping there, and as some know he got 2. place in the World cupping competition in Antwerpen. So he has a good background in both coffee and wine. And will fill that spot perfectly by combining his two intrests – wine & coffee.

Njáll Björgvinsson, coach

Njáll Björgvinsson, coach.
I got into the coffee business for a coincidence. I was working at a restaurant and was offered to tag a long to a coffee seminar. At the seminar I got fascinated of coffee and there was no turning back. I have participated in the IBC 5 times and have a nice collection of trophy’s 4, 3, 2, 1 place’s and a latte art award. I participated in the WBC in 2004 and got my hands on the 4th place. I have participated at all of the NBC so far. Today I am working at Te og Kaffi as an consultant and trainer. Good coffee is what I love, I have a habit of loving to taste bad coffee so I can appreciate and value good coffee even better. Coffee is the essence of life.