Program Highlights

Day 1

Berlin Coffee Growers Cooperative
There are 75 members that grow mainly Bourbon and Pacas varieties. The farms are located between 700 and 1350 meters above sea level. Production is 2000-3000 bags (46 kg) of green coffee every year. At this coop there was a cupping session with coffees from the easters part of El Salvador: Chichontepec, Tecapa-Chinameca Mountain Range and Cacahuantique Mountain Range.

Finca Las Mercedes
The 2006 El Salvador Cup of Excellence winner. Las Mercedes had 100 hectares at an average altitude of 1350 meteres above sea level. Lucia Ortiz served a delicious lunch for the whole Nordic Barista Cup group. (See picture above)

Day 2

Aco-Boquerón Cooperative
Founded 4 years ago and has 88 members representing 150 hectares and up to 2000 bags of green coffee. At one of the farms they were harvesting, and we tried our skills as pickers.

Finca El Carmen
It is located at 1300 meters above sea level in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range. We got a tour of their mill and charming ancillary fram house.

Alicante Mountain Hotel
Overlooking the mountain slopes we were surrounded by beatuiful gardens, friendly staff and a bar.

Day 3

Libras de Amor
What a fantastic experience to visit the project that we donated 6000 USD to, collected at Nordic Barista Cup 2006. The project was created as a way to fight against poverty by significantly reducing the malnutrition lever between kids under 5 years and pregnant women.

Cooperativa La Majada
The Cooperativa was founded in 1966. Today there are 580 members. There was a cupping with coffees from 3 areas in El Salvador and after that a cupping, where we got the chance to taste different defects in coffee: phenolic, fungus, black bean, too old coffee and other. Very interesting!

Deacmeron Salinitas Beach resort
Swimming pools, tennis, bars and a bracelet that gave access to everything! What more can I say?!

Day 4

Visit to EL Salvador’s Coffee Research and Technology Foundation. Procafé is supported and run by growers. At Procafé they produce certified seeds and seedlings from their nurserys. They work with integrating pest-controls (berry bores, nematodes and leaf rust disease).

Day 5

El Salvador mini-tournament
Salvadoran baristas demonstrated their skills while the Norwegian team was judging the competition. Held at Gran Via mall (picture)

Norwegian barista jam
Pitchers, baristas and questions – and a lot of good coffee.