2006 Danish Team

Rasmus Korsaa

Actually Rasmus started his carrier with a chef until he discovered the coffee world and has since then established a barista MAP in the northern part of Jutland where he controls the coffee Level. This year he was one of the organisers of the Jutlandic competition.

Rasmus is 29 years old and is managing as well and owning the famous Cafe Ziggy in Århus. This year he became no. 4 at the Danish Championship and this is the second year he will participate in the Nordic Barista Cup.

Be careful because he has a smile that makes the girls soft in their knees.

Klaus Thomsen

Well what can we say, his resume tells it all. The World Champion this year and no. 3 in 2004. He is dangerous and knows what he is talking about. When he is not busy travelling and looking for lost suitcases, he is managing the Estate coffeebar in Copenhagen. He actually started his carrier by reading a lot of books about coffee – bought himself a coffee machine and look where it took him. Klaus is by the way 26 years old and was the national coach last year.

Asta Jonsdottir

Originally Icelandic but have been living in Sweden and then moved to Copenhagen.

Knows how to throw with bottles and is famous mixing dangerous cocktails with a big smile. She is managing the Restaurant/Cafe EGO in Copenhagen.

Asta participated this year for the first time at the Zealand Championship and became no. 7. Since then she has dedicated herself to be the best barista in Copenhagen

Robert Jensen

He is from Sweden and has been working in DAG H. for 2 yeas lifting up the coffee quality. He is fast and furious. This year he became no. 5 at the Danish Championship. He actually managed to get help from El Bulli to create his signature drink…

Further his has participated in the Swedish championship twice. Originally he wanted to be a sommelier but started to drink a lot of coffee and then became a barista instead.

Søren Stiller Markussen (team coach)

Came in 2nd at the Danish championship this year. Started his coffee carrier by drinking a lot of espressos to discover that he had spent a lot of years drinking bad coffee. Was a manager at Cafe Pussy Galores for a short period then changed to Cafe

Europa 1989, to be enlightened in the coffee world. Also has a passion for cocktails. Used to be a pastry chef and before discovering the coffee world. He was a HR consultant for 5 years and has lived several places around the world like Uganda, Egypt, South Africa etc.

Is one of the oldest in the team, 39 years old but still going strong.