2006 Norwegian Team

Einar K. Holthe

Einar is not only the most hansom barista in Norway! He manages a coffee shop in Oslo and placed 2nd in this year Norwegian Barista championship. He is best known for experimental signature drinks, and there is no doubt why he is on the Team. Be ware!

Jonas Lippestad

Jonas placed fourth this year in Norway and is a member of the Team for the first time. Nonetheless he is a great barista and has an experimental view on signature drinks, which has proved valuable in competitions many times and might be important for Norway in the coming NBC.

Rasmus Helgebostad

Rasmus is fearly new to the team, but has proven to be a great barista There are few things he doesn’t know, and there is reason to believe that he will become one of Norways great baristi thru all times. Also this years cupping-champion!

Halvard Amble

Kaveh Ataei (team coach)