Vision For Nordic Barista Cup 2006

The program for the Nordic Barista Cup 2006 is still on going.
However below you will find the visionary statements made by the organizing committee prior to their kick off.
We firmly believe that the barista/attendee should be developing personally as well as professionally. Therefore the NBC vision involves a process of bringing together, acting together and learning together, in which the social track is just as important as the educational elements.
Through the learning process we are striving to improve the individual professional expertise and we are aiming to suffuse new meaning to the term, barista. Based on a foundation of knowledge, team spirit and teamwork, we aspire to expand and enrich the personal mind-set, by cooperating and exchanging with fellow participants as well as other professions and thereby generating development, sustainability and knowledge. This is also a way of maintaining the growth of the barista’s profession.
The NBC vision is that this coffee knowledge should be shared: The barista ought to be a translator of what coffee has to offer for the consumer and must be knowledgeable about other coffee-related business – not only in the café, but also on the wider scale.
In our way of looking at the situation, we feel that it is very important to ensure the participants’ social responsibility, including knowledge about the entire production chain of coffee and coffee-related products. This subsumes an engaged understanding of the social conditions under which the workers in the producer countries live and work and an understanding of sustainable agriculture.
We hope to achieve our objectives of transmitting this kind of knowledge, and hopefully, the “Cup” idea will eventually spread to other parts of the world. Furthermore, we believe that, through implementing these visions, the coffee network will thrive – and the inspiration will continue to be bountiful.