Norway Defends The Cup

Way, way too much hot pink, leg warmers, braided headbands, and other objects best left behind to the Jazzercize era reared their heads at an eighties theme party to end what has been one of the best Nordic Barista Cup events to date!

A particularly large amount off effort went into David Latourell from Clover’s outfit. He got inspiration, it seemed, from eighties icons far and wide including MC Hammer and the Go Go’s.

After yet another fantastic dinner and of course lots of champagne, the winner of the three-day long competition was finally revealed. Besides bragging rights, this winning team earned the spectacular prize of a trip to El Salvador to visit coffee farms, meet baristas and assist in executing the very first El Salvador Barista Championship.

And the winner is…. NORWAY!

5 happy Norwegians At the Nordic Barista Cup, everyone is a winner. Though one team is determined the winner at the close of the event, the other four teams all share the title of runner up, and such esteemed recognition was well deserved for each barista competing.

Thank you, Copenhagen and the Nordic Barista Cup organizers for 2006! It has been an event we will never forget. Next year, we will gather again to learn and share once again, this time in Gothenburg, Sweden. See you there!

–Sarah Allen & Kenneth R Olson

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