Program Public Day

Each team will get an outside area at a coffee bar in Oslo where they can serve and sell coffee to Oslo citizens for one and a half hour.
The teams will be evaluated on creativity, service and how much money they make.All the money will be given to the Coffee Kids project. Later on the teams will met at Olaf Ryes Plads in Grünerløkka. Here they will compete in the final round. First the teams shall serve espressos for the judges and then they must show their skills in Latte Art. The Latte Art drink will be evaluated on the visuals and the time. Last part of the final is the signature drink. Each team has to serve two signature drinks. One hot and one cold. The drinks have to contain espresso and syrup – the rest is up to the teams.

At 1900 hrs. the teams and attendees will meet up at the restaurant Månefiskeren in Oslo, where the Nordic Barista Cup winner will be announced.

Good luck!