2011 TEAMS

The 5 Nordic teams are ready for the Nordic Barista Cup challenge, which actually already began… The first information has already been sent to the national coordinators, activating the national teams in collecting money for the charity project in Sumatra, Indonesia.

There are following guidelines for the gathering of the national teams:

4 team members total. Preferably 2 girls and 2 boys. One team member that have been on the team previously. One of these 4 must be appointed Team Captain. The memnbers could be 1st and 2nd place from the national barista championship and 1st place in the national cupping championship.

Below you find the 5 national teams:


Anton Sigurður Sigríðarson

24 years old. I’m from the northern parts of Iceland. I have been a barista for four years now working for Te & Kaffi. I have participated in several events related to the coffee industry both in Iceland and abroad, mainly in South- America, as a competitor, judge, trainer and a barista. I have dedicated the past years to travel and live in other countries. I am finishing my BSc in Business administration, economics and finances at the university of Reykjavík.

Vala Stefánsdóttir

23 years old. I have been a barista for almost 3 years now, working for Te & Kaffi as a barista and a trainer. I have competed two times in the Icelandic Nationals. I am the latte art champion of Iceland 2011. I am a multimedia designer currently studying cinematography and editing at the Icelandic Film school.

Tumi Ferrer

23 years old. I’ve been a barista for close to five years. I’ve served as Quality Control Manager for the company I work for, Kaffitár; I’ve written articles on coffee for the Icelandic cuisine magazine Gestgjafinn, with the aim to inform about the basic things in coffee. I am the current barista champion of Iceland. I’m half-way through my Bachelor degree in Creative Writing at the University of Iceland. I’ve had two short stories published and recently I started intertwining my two passions, coffee and creative writing, through blogging (although I don’t blog very regularly).

Þuríður (Dússý) Sverrisdóttir, team leader

27 years old. I have been a working as a barista for about six years and I currently work at Kaffismiðja Íslands. I have competed twice in the Icelandic Nationals and have been a technical judge in the Nationals this year and 2009. Few years ago I traveled to Mexico City and worked in several espressobars, trained baristas and the champion of Mexico that year. I am studying Art Theory in University of Iceland and I will have my Bachelor degree next year. My daughter, Bríet Katla (also pictures) is 14 months.


Alexander Ruas

2006-2011 Barista at Espresso124, Tvålpalatset & Drop Coffee
2009-2011 Quality and product development at Drop Coffee
2011 Swedish Barista Champion

Per Nordby

2000-2001  Barista at Kaffe Kunst, Oslo Norway
2001-2003  Parttime barista at Mat&Prat, Luleå Sweden
2003-2007  Barista,  café manager and barista trainer at da Matteo, Göteborg Sweden
2007-2011  Roast master, green coffee buyer and quality control at da Matteo Torrefazione, Göteborg Sweden
2010-2011  CoE judge in  Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua

Pernilla Gaard

Worked as a barista in Edinburgh Scotland and Wellington New Zealand between 2005-2008. For the last three years she has worked at da Matteo in Gothenburg – Sweden as manager of the cafées and events. Pernilla has competed in the Swedish Championships twice – 2009 and 2011 – both times ending up in third place. In 2010 she competed in the Nordic Barista Cup, which she won, along with a trip to amazing Colombia.

Anne LunellAnne Lunell, team leader

Anne is originally from Lund but is living in Helsingborg. There she started her barista career four years ago. In 2006 she became the National Champion of Sweden and ended up in fourth place at WBC in Bern, making her the worlds best female barista 2006. Anne was also a member of the 2007 and 2009 Swedish NBC team. Ann is now running Koppi Micro roastery and coffee shop in Helsingborg Sweden together with Charles Nystrand.


Jannicke-Marie Johansen

Jannicke-Marie started out at as a freelance barista in 2007, working at various coffee shops in Oslo until she started as a barista for Java Espressobar and Mocca Kaffebar in May 2008. The winter of 2009 she took over as Manager for Mocca Kaffebar, competed her first time in the National Barista competition, placing third and making the National Barista Team, representing Norway in her first NBC held in Iceland in 2009. Winter of 2010 she also took over Management of Java Espressobar, and she’s now working as Manager, Barista Trainer and Barista at both Mocca Kaffebar and Java Espressobar in Oslo.

Håkon Kinn

(no picture)

2005: Stockfleths, Barista
2007: Kaffefuglen, Manager
2007: Java, Barista
2008-2009: Kaffemisjonen, Barista
2010: Smakverket, Barista
2011: Pascal, Manager

Magnus Hoem Iversen, team leader

2010: 4th Norwegian Barista Championship
2011: 2nd Norwegian Barista Championship
2011: 2nd Norwegian Cupping Championship
2011: Brewers Cup Champion of Norway

Idar Andre Ellingsen

2006-present: Working fulltime as a barista at Dromedar Kaffebar, Trondheim
-2007: 14th place in the Norwegian barista championship
-2009: 8th place in the Norwegian barista championship
-2009: First trip to coffeegrowing country Colombia and COE
-2010: Managing one of Dromedar’s six coffeebars
-2011: Norwegian cup-tasting champion
-2011: 8th place in the World cup-tasting championship


AnneStine Bae

Danish Barista Champion, 2011.
2nd place in the Danish Barista Championship, 2010.
Barista – The Coffee Collective 2009-.
Barista ‐ Estate coffee 2009.
Full‐ time Barista trainer/ Coffeegeek, Estate Coffee, Copenhagen, 2008.
Trained new Estate baristas to work for our Coffee shop in Copenhagen.
Held courses about our barista craftsmanship for Estate Coffees wholesale customers.
Full‐ time Barista/ Coffee supervisor, Meyers Deli, Copenhagen, 2005‐06. In charge of coffee quality and presentation in the resturant.
Full‐ time Barista, Stockfleths Coffee Bar, Oslo 2005.
Trained under Tim Wendelboe, World Champion Barista 2005.

Samuli Marila

1997 barista Dromedar Kaffebar, Trondheim Norway
2000 barista Estate Coffee, Copenhagen
2005 Copenhagen Roaster, Copenhagen
2009 Danish cupping champion
2011 Danish Cupping champion
2011 manager KentKaffe, Copenhagen

Torfi Þór Torfason

Educated chef
2010 Barista Coffee Collective
2011 Danish Brewers Cup champion
2011 Roasting Coffee Collective

Christian Ryberg
I’ve been in the coffee/café business for about 5 years. I started working in a café where the main focus was coffee, food and beer, but the coffee soon began to be more important then all the other things. I moved to Copenhagen in order to work at Estate coffee shop, but ended up working for half a year at Meyers Deli which also use Estate Coffee. I started working at Estate Coffee shop and worked there for about 3 years.
In july 2010, I wanted to try something new, so I applied for a job at The Coffee Collective, and I started working in september. I’am still working for them now.


Roman Kolpaktsi, team leader
Barista and barista trainer for the last 6 years, last 2 years at La Torrefazione, Helsinki. Competed at national Barista Championship 2006 III, 2008 II and 2009 III. Working every day closely with local roasters and other coffee professionals to increase quality of life of the coffee people locally and around the world.

Lauri Pipinen
Lauri is the Finnish Barista Champion of 2011, and he also participated in the national Cup Tasting Championship 2011. Lauri has a degree in hospitality management  and is studying to become a chef. He works at Kaffa Roastery as a barista and he is also involved in roasting, product and business development. Before Kaffa Lauri practiced barista craft in Helsinki at Kaffecentralen and Cafetoria.

Kaisa Sarén
Kaisa is the Finnish Cup Tasting Champion 2011, and she also competed at the national Barista Championship 2011. She runs with her husband a quality-focused coffee shop “Sävy” in Helsinki. Barista and cupping skills are supported by biochemistry and biology studies focused on  cell structure.

Antti Mäkinen
Antti was a dedicated coffee enthusiast for several years before becoming a full time barista at La Torrefazzione in Helsinki. This year he received III place at national Barista Championship and also participated in the Cup Tasting Championship.