Nordic Barista Cup and SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) have joined forces in the NBC/SCAE Gold Cup Grinding Research Project. The aim is to reveal whether the grinder (flat/conical, burr size etc) has any effect on the taste of coffee:
For instance, can we enhance certain flavors of the coffee depending on which grinder we use?

There is a lot of debate and opinions, but not much scientific research to confirm the claims.
A sensory panel consisting of coffee experts evaluates samples ground and brewed according to SCAE Gold Cup coffee brewing control chart.
Results will be presented at 2013 Nordic Barista Cup in Oslo.

We encourage small scale companies, roasters, importers etc to support the project. We would like many small suppoerters, rather than one BIG.

The conclusions of the first part of the project is to be presented at Nordic Barista Cup (NBC) in Oslo, Norway September 5-7th 2013. All the supporters of the project will all feature on the final slide with logo. The bigger support, the bigger logo.
We hope to have many different logos.

You can support in following ways:

Will give you exclucivity as the grinding partner.

PARTNER – 10.000€
large space as a supporter of the project.

SUPPORTER 250€ – click and support here

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We hope to have your logo on the final slide of the NBC lecture . The bigger support, the bigger logo.

Following sponsors are supporting the research. Thank you:

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