Links to coffee in general

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Barista Guild
The American Barista Guild – baristi head to head
A website of a Swedish project providing know-how on how to warm and steam milk and blend it with espresso to make the perfect latte.
The website of the Special Coffee Association of America.
The website of the Special Coffee Association of Europe.
The website of the Danish chapter of SCAE – in Danish.
The website of the Norwegian chapter of SCAE – in Norwegian.
The website of the Swedish chapter of SCAE – in Swedish.
This is the home of the World Barista Championship competition.

Other coffee related websites
A magazine serving the professional barista community.
A website with several review of coffee equipments.
Blog heaven for coffee nerds.
A website dedicated to advancing coffee quality through education and science.
Chris Tacy’s archives about coffee experiences, happenings etc.

El Salvador links

El Salvador web pages:

Links to Nordic Barista Cup 2007


TRANSPORT: (Swedish only)


Links to the Nordic Barista Cup 2006

In order to help you visit the Nordic Barista Cup, you will find some links below which might help you – not only getting there but also helping you discover the host nation.



How to get there

The event takes place