The primary rule of the competition is that there is no rule….

Concerning the competition.

Some obligations exist for the hosting nation concerning the competition.

The discipline should be introduced through an educational track. Hereby the teams have the possibility to learn about the discipline if unfamiliar. To some extend the national teams should also be given some practice time with the discipline. The educational track may take form as commercial seminar.

The competition may last more than one day.

There will only be announced a winner of the Nordic Barista Cup no secondary places will be given.

Concerning evaluation (judging)

It is not a goal of the Nordic Barista Cup to focus on grams, extraction times etc. However the judges focus more on:

Team spirit

The team is always in focus. Who well are individual strengths and skills used, does everybody participate in the program, task organisation in general, open mindedness etc. are topics that are considered by the judges in this category.


Composition and use of raw materials, adaptability to new ways of brewing, use of new techniques etc. are look upon here.

The drinks

Taste – how is the composition between acid, sweetness, salt and bitterness. If a raw material is used in the drinks does it also appear on the taste etc.

Also appearance and presentation of the drinks serve of importance in this category.

Concerning the competitors.

The competitor has to be a member of the national team.

At the Nordic Barista Cup only 4 national team members can compete.

In general

Since different countries are arranging the Nordic Barista Cup different restrictions can become necessary.

Before each Nordic Barista Cup the national teams will receive a detailed program and useful information about the Nordic Barista Cup. This information will also become available on the internet (