Addy Heðinsdóttir – NRF2013 VIDEO

Addy Heðinsdóttir: The Swan flew over the coffee shop

Addý talks about her (tough) process towards getting the Nordic ecolabel, ‘The Swan’, certification.

Aðalheiður (Addý) Héðinsdóttir is CEO of Kaffitár which she started with her husband in 1990. After spending few years is Madison Wisconsin where she was roasting and cupping at Victor Allan’s Coffee and Tea. She is now green coffee buyer for Kaffitár, traveling to coffee producing countries visiting farms and friends.

Addý has been member of the SCAA since 1992 and is the one of the founder of SCAE. She is a board member of the Nordic Barista Cup. She is also a Cup of Excellence judge.

Kaffitár is leading coffee roasting and retailing company in Iceland, running eight cafes. Kruðerí Kaffitárs is a bakery and food production company that started 2013 and is supplying its products to Kaffitárs cafes.

All Kaffitárs café have the Nordic swan, the official sustainability Eco label for the Nordic countries. This process is the main topic of Addys talk at Nordic Roaster.