Day 5-6-7

Yesterday we spent the day at FAF Studio (Fazenda Ambiental Fortleza) in Sao Paulo. The first stage of the Brasilian Blend Competition, where teams of 2-3-4 people (teams were mix of Brazilian and Nordic baristas) who had to create their own blend from 10 different coffees, roasted by Felipe at FAF.

There were multiple cuppings during the day – first there was cupping of coffees for the competition….

Then we had wine, cachaca, beer…. And with the alcohol came the djembe, ukulele and guitar. Brazilians like to sing and dance…

Friday morning was café crawl: First up CoffeeLab, which  is a very nice place for good coffee in Sao Paulo.


It is beautiful, cozy and serves great coffee.

 We got a set of 2 espressos from the same extractions served in different sized cups: one in a cappuccino cup and one in an espresso cup.

Sofa Café was quite an experience also with blue and white tiles and a turquoise La Marzocco FB80 + a turquoise Diedrich 15 kilo roaster.

We had great espresso, fantastic cakes and enjoyed the beautiful place.

Next up was second stage of the Brazilian Espresso Blend competition: Café Suplicy. They have 10 stores in Sao Paulo, like the color pink (their logo is a big pink coffee bean, and they have a pink 25 kilo Probat roaster).

Just like at Nordic Roaster competition we cupped the espressos in 2 tempi: first 4 and then 3 espressos. Everybody got one vote, and the three best coffees go to the final.

Behind the espresso machine is team Sweden: Oskar, Philip and Anna.