Charity Project: Jose Maria Obando School

The welcoming at the Jose Maria Obando School was overwhelming and warm. All 275 pupils were lines up along the road down to the school. When our bus stopped and we got out they started clapping and cheering. We all felt like rock stars…

Best of all was the feeling of gratitude amongst pupils, teachers, principal and the San Joaquin community. We had never imagined how much difference 15.000 USD can make, when you donate it directly to a school like this. We were all at tears (yes, also the boys) when we had walked “the walk of gratitude” at Jose Maria Obando.

Sebastian from the Swedish team enjoying his tour and giving high-fives to the pupils.

Aove the school they had reserved a microlot and babtised it “The Nordic Barista Cup lot”. All 12 travellers got one small coffee seedling to plant. Here Jens, the founder of NBC is planting his coffee tree.

As a representative of NBC Björg gave a speach. She told about the competition between the 5 Nordic countries and asked the pupils if they could name the 5 Nordic countries. There were some Nordic names, but also “España” and “Hollandia”.
It might be an idea to install Google Earth on the computers…

Two of the patient pupils that were there for the ceremony.

Theese guys – along woth the others – will benefit from the computers and from the money raised at the auction and bazaar in Oslo.

After the ceremony we all teamed up in front of the school and said “cheese”.

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