Nordic Roaster 2007


The second day of the 2007 Nordic Barista Cup is underway!


This morning features the Nordic Roasters Competition. This is a new competition this year: 10 roasters from the Nordic countries have submitted coffees to be blind judged by the attendees of the NBC.

The five teams — Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland — are hard at work in their “cafes” preparing the 10 coffee submissions as both filter drip coffee and espresso.


Attendees are winding their way around the big white tent, trays and ballots in hand, as they make their way toward each team’s cafe to collect their samples.

Some of us are using cupping spoons to taste the coffees; some of us are simply sipping from the cups.


So we taste 10 coffees and mark down our favorite on our ballot, drop the ballot in the voting box, and wait for the results! We will find out the winner at lunchtime!